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• New microreactor Systems – Microreaction technology
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Microreactor technology, is currently one of the most innovative techniques in the field of chemical synthesis and similar fields.

Now specific microreactors are coming to laboratories. Scientific advances throughout the world have demonstrated the many advantages which can be achieved through the use of microreactors for chemical reactions and processes.

We offer a complete product range of, mainly automated, microreactors for research and production. With this product line it is possible to effectively perform the all synthetic work from research lab to pilot plant scale.

A modular system for the first steps in the research lab to production scale, allows both beginners and highly knowledgeable experts to adopt new synthesis strategies.

For these the initial experiments, the system is easy and fast to adopt.

The modules offer automated, software controlled systems with extensive data logging and a huge choice of reactors and accessories. The microreacor series allow access to pilot and production scale processes.

The choice of reactor modules is dependant on the user’s requirements, the reactions planned and the way the equipment will be used. The liquid handling modules have to match the chosen reactor.

For liquid media, these range from analytical HPLC pumps up to high-pressure resistant precision syringe pumps. With these precision syringe pumps it is possible, for example, to continuously pump liquid, in nanolitre quantities, against high pressures.

The modules of this system are also robust and stable under high pressure conditions, including the use of viscous media. Different mixer and dwell modules from micro-litre up to high volume millilitre-modules are available with different geometries.

By including innovative Peltier-technology, systems can be cooled and heated without the need for any external heating media.

Our microreactors contribute to the concept of “green chemistry”, as they allow users to find synthesis and production procedures which save resources. These can then be used in production process.

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